Choosing Contraceptives with Dr. Allison-Ottey

We’ve got a question for you: when was the last time you discussed contraceptive with your dr? How about the last time you discussed it with your great girlfriends?

Well, today we’re getting into all of that with our expert doctor and leading researcher Dr. Allison-Ottey. We’ve partnered with HealthyWomen to help you understand what you need to know to choose the right contraceptive with your doctor’s help AND questions you must ask to get the answers you need.

Here’s some quick data from the recent study done in conjunction with Sebela Women’s Health: * Of the patients surveyed, 60% reported they prefer hormone-free birth control, and while 64% of HCPs believe their patients prefer hormone-free birth control, most (59%) recommend hormonal methods. * Effectiveness was the most important factor in choosing a contraceptive for 91% of patients surveyed; however, only 26% were aware that intrauterine devices (IUDs) are more effective than widely used oral contraceptives and condoms. Other important factors when choosing a contraceptive included ease of use, comfort, side effects and cost. * While nearly half of women prefer to have a regular menstrual cycle or period (49%), only 37% desire no period. Those who prefer a period do so because “having a regular period makes me feel like my body is doing what it should be doing” (78%) and regular periods also provide a “peace of mind that I’m probably not pregnant (51%).” You can read more results from the study here.

About Dr. Allison-Ottey
Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey, MD is an energetic and engaging speaker, author, health educator/physician and health strategist/consultant. Dr. Allison-Ottey is the CEO of CARLDEN Inc. and Beautiful Woman Inside and Out, Inc. She also serves as Executive Director of The COSHAR Foundation. Dr. Allison-Ottey serves as the Health Strategist for several national companies/organizations and develops and oversees programmatic agendas with long and short term strategies ensuring effectiveness and achievement of goals. She is also a media personality with a presence in television, radio and print and one of the nation’s most influential physicians and health advocates.


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