Ep 116: Against All Odds – Redefining Wealth with Guest Girlfriend Patrice Washington

In this week’s episode we are so happy to have our Great Girlfriend and America’s Money Maven Patrice Washington on the show today!!! Woot, woot!Yes GGs, you will hear firsthand from Patrice how she got to be the money and finance expert she is today and what it took to get her here and more! It’s one ultimate against all odds story you definitely should not miss!

In the show today, we get to know more of the woman behind the maven.

  1. Who is Patrice Washington the woman
  2. How she overcame her physical insecurities which made her more capable and qualified
  3. Her early success in business and how the recession affected her professionally and personally
  4. How she sought and found wisdom and eventually her message
  5. Why and how she now helps others redefine wealth

You can catch more of Patrice Washington at patricewashington.com and @SeekWisdomPCW on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and listen to her new podcast, Redefine Wealth with Patrice Washington on available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and places where you listen to podcasts.

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