How to Own Your P.E.A.C.E. & J.O.Y with Dr. Angela

We’re kicking off the year with our resident mental wealth expert, Dr. Angela Anderson, discussing how to integrate P.E.A.C.E. and J.O.Y. into our daily lives in 2024. Look deeper into those two words as Dr. Angela has loaded each letter with a wellness practice that will spike activate your highest potential!

Listen and learn:

  1. Dr. Angela’s meaning of each letter in “P.E.A.C.E. and J.O.Y.”
  2. How stillness can shift your well being into high gear
  3. Why we shouldn’t run from the lessons that come our way in 2024
  4. An important message on value and productivity

About Dr. Angela
Dr. Angela Anderson is the #1 Amazon international best-selling author of Now What?! Get OVER Yourself and MOVE! Dr. Anderson is a leadership and organizational expert. She is the owner of Dr. Angela Speaks ( The company mission is to guide individuals and organizations on the journey to maximizing their full potential through solution-focused actions and a positive mindset.Additionally, Dr. Anderson is internationally certified by the John C. Maxwell Team as an executive advisor, master speaker and trainer. This group specializes in providing training around the world on topics such as leadership, influence, motivation, team dynamics, and much more. Dr. Anderson trains groups within the business, educational, non-profit and healthcare fields. The goal is to empower others to improve, increase productivity, and operate at maximum potential.
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