Leading with Intention with Pamela Everhart

What does intentional leadership really look like? How can we as women learn to establish strong relationships that help us gain the personal and professional status we desire?

We’ve partnered with Fidelity Investments to give you the keys!

Listen in this week as Pamela Everhart, shares her keys to building social capital in the workplace. As senior vice president and Head of Regional Public Affairs and Community Relations in Fidelity’s Communications, Public Affairs and Policy Group, Pamela is no stranger to internal advocacy across various groups inside and outside of the organization. Pamela serves as a lawyer, community leader, senior advisor, wife, and mom, generating a world of personal and professional influence. Her wisdom and general joy will move every great girlfriend to shape our world with intention.

Listen and learn:

  1. Pamela’s philosophy of “R before T”
  2. How Pamela generates social capital at every level
  3. Pamela’s major lessons as a professional who is creating harmony at work and home
  4. Advice for every woman, from Pamela with love!

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