Silent Killers- Understanding Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Patricia Ajayi-Fox

Did you know that there are certain diseases that are detrimental in the black and brown community? We’re shining a light on these silent killers and why every woman needs to be aware of them.

This week we’re talking with Dr. Patricia Ajayi-Fox about colorectal cancer and its effects in the black and brown community.

About Dr. Patricia Ajayi-Fox
Dr. Ajayi-Fox is a general gastroenterologist with an interest in addressing health disparities and improving Colorectal Cancer Screening. She is also interested in global health and improving access to subspecialty care in global and underserved regions.

Listen and learn:

  1. What colorectal cancer is and why it should matter to us
  2. Why colorectal cancer is affecting the black and brown community at such a high rate
  3. Triggers that heighten the risk of having colorectal cancer
  4. How a colonoscopy can help to save your life

Special thanks to Healthy Women for bringing this topic to the forefront. For more information visit

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