Wealth Essentials for Entrepreneurs: How to create financial sovereignty & sustainability with Hannah Koenig

January has been the longest year of the month LOL!

But that’s why we need to keep our spirits high and our ears open for powerful lessons that we can use to disrupt some of the chaos that has come fast and furious for so many of you in our listener community!

So, why not talk a little bit about money moves for entrepreneurs (or those who are rock stars in spirit!!!!)

We’ve got a goodie bag here for ya this week!

Welcome to your earbuds Hannah Koenig! ??????

A little bit about Hannah: This multiple six-figure entrepreneur and Forbes Coaches Council member grew up on food stamps, below the poverty line. As a kid the only thing she understood about money was that her family didn’t have it. Her fear of finances carried on into her twenties where she found herself facing eviction, mountains of debt, and the consequences of just about every financial mistake a person can make. After becoming an entrepreneur she realized that earning more was only a fraction of the equation. It was then that she committed to fully transforming her relationship with money. In a few short years Hannah went from a negative net worth to becoming an investor, owning multiple properties, and building tangible wealth. Her own journey of financial liberation catalyzed the work she does today.

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