How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation with Dr. Carolyn Williams

Have you been feeling foggy and unsure why? Or maybe chasing weight loss but not losing the weight?

If so, it could be that you’re dealing with chronic inflammation. But no worries, my guest Dr. Carolyn Williams could have the perfect cure for you!

Dr. Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, is a leading culinary nutrition expert and 2017 James Beard Journalism Award winner who’s developed a knack for breaking down complex science into quick, reader-friendly tips.

Listen and learn

  1. The difference between chronic inflammation and acute inflammation
  2. How food intolerance could be triggering your immune system to fight
  3. Why we must take control of our meals and include new options to calm our immune systems
  4. The three food groups that MUST BE INCLUDED in our meal planning

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