How to Win in Relationships with Kwaku Amuti (Pt 1)

Why are relationships so hard? How do we complicate them by overthinking the simple things?

This week we’re digging into your relationships, which are the centerpiece for your life story. Whether it’s personal or professional relationships, you deserve to have healthy connections with other people that allow you to be YOUR best self!

Listen in as our guest, certified life coach Kwaku Amuti, shares his perspective on how we can show up healthy in our everyday relationships and expect the same from others.

Listen and learn:

  1. How Kwaku and Sybil formed a healthy relationship that is both personal and professional
  2. Triggers that send some good relationships afloat and leave others on life support
  3. A vision for healthy relationships – defining health and setting standards that can support that definition
  4. How to show up healthy in your everyday relationships

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