The Power of the Pause Part 1

Have you ever really rested? I mean taking the mental, physical, spiritual rest that you need without wondering what you’ve missed or who’s missing you?

Have you learned how to honor the pauses that are meant to give you rest and rejuvenation?

Well, you’re listening to the right podcast because our guest this week is here to help you PAUSE. Kibi Anderson, businesswoman, strategist, and executive coach is here to share her journey to honoring rest in her life. As a super busy businesswoman, wife, bonus mom, and community member, Kibi knows firsthand how the road to success can take a toll on our bodies, as her personal health took a hit that looked life threatening. She’s back in great health and great business, ready to teach us all of the gems she’s learned along the way.

Listen and learn:

  1. Kibi’s definition of rest
  2. How rest can increase our productivity and power in every area of life
  3. How we as women neglect our real needs when our bodies are talking
  4. Keys to incorporating rest into our lives on a daily basis.

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