Do You Love Your Body? Taking Care of Your Vessel with Nurse Alice

Great girlfriends, we wanna know…how deep is your love for your body?

Are you taking ultimate care of your vessel? When was the last time you got personal with yourself?

Well, our guest this week is here to encourage your self-care journey with medical and practical tips that can help you fall in love each with YOU each and every day!

About Nurse Alice:
“Nurse Alice” Benjamin, officially known as America’s favorite nurse is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, author, speaker, podcast host and is the culture’s #1 trusted voice for health and wellness information. Nurse Alice has extensive experience specializing in cardiovascular health, critical care, and emergency medicine and has worked at some of the most underserved community hospitals taking care of some of the sickest patients on the planet.

Nurse Alice is a medical correspondent for NBC4 Los Angeles and was the nation’s most watched nurse on TV who kept millions of viewers up to date with her meticulous and insightful daily reporting during the Covid crisis.

Spanning her career, Nurse Alice has appeared on numerous national shows, networks and radio shows including GMA3, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, CNN, HLN, FOX News, News Nation, TVOne, BBC, KTLA Morning News, The D.L Hughley Show and Ricky Smiley Morning Radio Show. She also hosts the Ask Nurse Alice Podcast, a top 10 Apple Podcast in the medical category. The award-winning podcast combines no-nonsense advice with thought-provoking interviews featuring top health experts, celebrity guests, and frontline nurse. Nurse Alice is also the host of the new digital show, The Exam Room with Nurse Alice: a show where she and her experts, guests, and celebrity friends take a closer look at all things going on in the world that impact our mind and body’s wellbeing.

Nurse Alice is on a mission to help people live life well. When she talks, people listen. Her no-nonsense, tell it like it is approach wrapped with a touch of TLC is why she’s been coined America’s favorite nurse. Her health features have been published in Parent Magazine, Blavity, Huffington Post, EBONY, Black Enterprise, JET, Black America Web, Bustle, XO Necole, Heart & Soul,, The American Nurse, Minority Nurse, and many more. And her e-books Curve Your Cravings, 30 Foods to Curb Your Appetite and & Day Juice Guide have helped thousands of people lose weight and make healthier food choices.

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