Overcoming Cycles of Self-Sabotage with Lucinda Cross

In this episode, you’re going to hear how you can overcome self-sabotage by taking control of your everyday choices. This week we’re joined by chief activator Lucinda Cross, who talks us through developing new habits that allow us to believe big and achieve bigger.

About Lucinda Cross:
Lucinda Cross is an entrepreneur, motivational superstar and bestselling author who tells it like it is. If you want inspiration, authenticity, and straight talk with business and personal development leaders, then Lucinda Cross is your go-to. She is a Certified Business Coach, and TV Lifestyle Expert, Lucinda Cross is the CEO of two personal and professional development companies, Activate Worldwide LLC. and Activate Your brands, which include The Big ASK, WE Nation, and Activate Your Life Leadership training. She is a former corporate executive and leadership empowerment trainer for Fortune 500 companies including NIKE, Prudential Securities, DELTA Air Line, and ESSENCE Magazine. The Department of Justice calls on Lucinda to co-convene women’s initiatives, gather local women leaders, strategically plan the mobilization of women, and provide insight on women’s empowerment, reentry, and development. Lucinda launched a community service initiative known as WE Nation, to serve at-risk youth and women that have grown to a network of over 100k. She is an award-winning influencer who has received the Life Time Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama, 40 under 40 Award from Westchester County, 25 Influential Black Women, and many more.

Listen and learn:

  1. Why we have to own our genius even when it feels difficult
  2. Why we need to control the mental airwaves to protect ourselves from self-sabotage
  3. How Lucinda overcame cycles of self-sabotage

You can catch the entire episode on YouTube here:

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