Ep 11: No More Shrinking

We’ve all experienced this: being in the room with the people who seems to have more credentials than you, or the strong personalities…and you find yourself asking, “Should I be myself, or should I fall back?” We call this “shrinking”, and this episode will expose its existence; and, how it attacks one of the most important, sacred parts of us: our identity.  It’s that important!  So prepare to be challenged to greatness, as the Great Girlfriends proudly declare the need for you to always be a confident you, 24/7, no matter who’s in the room. No more shrinking!

A few takeaways you will have include:

  • Symptoms of Shrinking: What Does It Look Like?!
  • Your Purpose At Risk: The Dangers of Shrinking
  • Strut Your Stuff!: The Importance of Always Being You
  • The Squad: People Who Only Accept You in Your Truest Form
  • Flaws And All: Embracing Them and Seeing their Strength

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