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Ep 163: REWIND – How to Handle Failure

“The ladies keep the momentum going in Episode 3 and plunge head first into our culture’s negative perception of failure. Instead of painting it a negative light, they look at why our culture is obsessed with avoiding it, and show how failure actually led them to some of their greatest successes.

  • Stopping Yourself: the First Point of Failure
  • Family & Friends: Loving Them While Being True to Yourself
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power in Failure
  • What Ifs: The Necessity of Embracing Uncertainty In Order to Succeed
  • Keeping the Past Behind You, Not In Front of You
  • An Unhealthy Regard for Failure: Anticipating It Before It Happens
  • A Retrospective: The Hosts Speak on their Biggest Regrets

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