Ep 58: 5 Ways to Tap Into Your Femininity

Ep 58: 5 Ways to Tap Into Your Femininity

If you’re a long-time or even new listener to the Great Girlfriends Podcast, you know that this show is made for and by strong, independent women. However, stereotypes and social norms tell us that this identity of strength and independence is at odds with femininity, the quality of being female. Truth be told, strength and femininity go hand in hand, but so many of us have been forced to hide or disguise what our femininity is because of fear that it makes us weak. Today is the day to celebrate and express all of the qualities that make us who we are as women. In this episode we’re discussing how femininity gives women a unique power that’s different but just as potent as traditional archetypes of power.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. What feminine does and does not equal
  2. Why we block and hide our femininity
  3. Four questions that will help you explore this quality
  4. Five ways that you can tap into your femininity

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