Ep 62: How to Handle Guilt Trips

Ep 62: How to Handle Guilt Trips

We’ve all got someone or several people in our ear everyday who wants to tell us what we should do, why we should, and how we should do it. They come with all sorts of explanations to dissuade you from carrying out what you desire to accomplish. Although these opinionated folks may do so with the best of intentions, they are guilting you and may hold you back from what you’re called to do if you let them. Now you have a decision to make: will you listen that inner voice or will you allow the voices of others to be the largest deciders in your life? In this episode we’re discussing how the well-meaning and negative guilt placed on us can have an impact and how we can overcome it to find our voices and live our truth.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Signs you’re being guilted
  2. The impact that guilt has on your confidence
  3. How resentment quickly follows guilt
  4. Five tips for you to rid yourself of guilt

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