Ep 82: Dropping the Ball with Guest Girlfriend Tiffany Dufu

In today’s episode we have guest great girlfriend, Tiffany Dufu. She’s a wife, mom, Chief Leadership Officer at Levo League, and author of new book, Drop the Ball. To get to this place and find her purpose, Tiffany had to have some learning experiences. As a self-identified “Type A” personality, she had everything figured out at a young age. With the help of role models such as Claire Huxtable, she knew how to have the full package and balance career, family, and fabulous wind-blown hair. With these unrealistic expectations, Tiffany soon found that role models only really tell half the story and seem to leave out how hard it really is. In this episode, Tiffany explains why it’s important that our role models are real and we have more flexible gender roles.

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Tiffany Dufu’s story of her early life and her family
  2. Tiffany’s definition of purpose and how she discovered it
  3. Why strict gender roles lead to unrealistic expectations
  4. How dropping the ball helped Tiffany to hone in on her purpose
  5. Why we need more realistic and transparent role models

Learn More

Haven’t gotten enough of Tiffany? Learn more about her on her site: http://tiffanydufu.com/. And you can pre-order her book Drop the Ball from her website, DropTheBall.com, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble. Find her on social media @TDufu.

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