Keys to Cryptocurrency with Kendra Cole

According to the Gemini State of Crypto Report, bitcoin was initially built around encouraging financial equity, but 75% of crypto holders are men. Moreover, 60% of crypto investors are white men under the age of 45 – creating an uninviting culture that gatekeeps women from participating in the $2.2 billion crypto industry.

Realizing that current exchanges do not cater to the technology preferences of women, Kendra decided to bank on her crypto expertise (and black girl magic) to create TheCryptoMom App, a Black-owned and woman-run crypto investment platform designed for those who identify as women and moms.Kendra’s mission is to empower the next generation of female investors to leverage cryptocurrency as part of their wealth-building journey.

Listen and Learn:

1. Kendra’s founders journey
2. Why the world is fascinated with cryptocurrency
3. The power of cryptocurrency and why women should consider investing
4. How Kendra’s new app can help women be players in the crypto world

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