Learning How to Pivot Publicly While Healing Privately with Kenya Duke

In this episode, you’re going to learn that you can go through the darkest times and come out greater than ever on the other side. And, you’ll also feel like you’re sitting on the sofa with two old friends as Sybil and our guest Kenya Duke talk about the ins and outs of pivoting publicly and healing privately, parenting through the stages of change, and desiring to be 92 running on the beach FYNE and favored!

Our guest, Kenya Duke, has gone through a very public divorce, started life over again, and is taking the center stage as a woman with a story to share that will remind very woman to get up and move forward by any means necessary!

About Kenya Duke: Kenya Duke is a successful entrepreneur, tv personality, and podcast host. Her kids are grown and on their own, her very public divorce is the rear view mirror, she is sexy as hell and living life by her own rules now. Plus, as an unapologetic, unfiltered, strong Black woman – Kenya likes asking the questions we all really want the answers to. She is Truly Kenya!


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