Making Moves with Collette V Smith Pt 2

In life, we will always come across that one individual that makes us second guess our purpose. But we should not give up GGs!

Collette V. Smith, NFL’s first African-American Female Coach in History, reminds us that it doesn’t matter where or what your current position is, because the calling God has placed on your life “is a really good place for a woman.”

In part two of Collette’s interview, we learn more about her experience while working for the Jets and we dive a bit deeper into her childhood life and her first encounter with a GG!

Grab your pen and paper and listen and learn:

  1. How Collette landed her position with the Jets
  2. Myths about colleagues and players in a male dominant field
  3. Building resilience despite our challenging moments in our lives.
  4. The next steps for Collette: A TV Series? A New Book?

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