Ep 71: Sit Your Butt Down and REST!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we’re officially kicking off the holiday season! As beautiful as this time of the year is, it’s also likely to be full of stressors. You’ve got your usual balance of work and family and only add to it Black Friday shopping, the bills you’ve got to pay, the taxes coming up, the stress of ending a year and starting a new one. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, short-tempered, and anxious. At this point it’s time to pause and reassess: when’s the last time you took a break or got a full night’s rest? Your lack of downtime will surely have an impact on how you’re feeling overall. In this episode, we’re discussing why now is the time to take a break and prioritize your quiet time.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. The challenges we face when we’re not resting

  2. The different types of rest we need

  3. Why we so badly need to take a break

  4. Body cues that tell us it’s time to sit down

  5. Our five solutions for getting your necessary rest

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Episodes to Note

In this episode we referred back to a past episode that expands upon what we discussed today. Please listen to Episode 61 – Overcoming Emotional Pitfalls.

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