Ep 72: What Women Want Conference Power Up with Michele Thornton

In this episode, we pull a “Way Back Wednesday” and return to the opener of our What Women Want Conference with Michele Thornton. This segment reminds us of all of the fun of the 2016 conference just in time for us to announce the official dates for the conference in Summer 2017. In this energizing excerpt by Michele, she gets us powered up to make strategic moves and develop into the women of our dreams. From her book, Stratechic, she brings words of wisdom and advice on leveling up, executing plans, investing in ourselves, and much more.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Advice for showing up
  2. Michele’s “ten pillars” of Stratechic
  3. The extended definition of self-awareness
  4. How karma works
  5. Why crafting your story is important

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