Just Breathe! with Ava Johanna

What’s the power behind your breathing?

We’re getting into that this week! Here are the deets on our guest:

Ava Johanna is the founder and visionary behind The Academy of Breath, international breathwork and meditation school focused on making these ancient embodiment practices household tools across the globe. Having worked with top wellness brands like Alo Yoga, Mindbodygreen and Yoga Journal, Ava’s mission is to bridge the gap between modern neuroscience and mysticism so breathwork and meditation are made accessible to everyone from high-level executives to stay-at-home parents.

Yet, Ava’s present-day reality – running a half a million-dollar breathwork and meditation empire all while giving back 10% of profits to marginalized communities and do-good organizations – is the polar opposite to her teenage experience. At the age of sixteen, Ava was homeless. Her rise to fulfillment, entrepreneurial success with The Academy of Breath, and claiming a mission that serves all makes her the living embodiment of perseverance, healing, and wellness.

Listen and learn:

  1. How breathwork can reframe your mental state in an instance
  2. The consequences of holding your breath all day long
  3. How stress in your life is being amplified by poor breathing patterns
  4. Why you MUST give your body ample breath to supply the system
  5. How Ava creates alignment using breathwork

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