Purpose, Passion, Policy, and Power with Jotaka Eaddy

What can a person do with a purposeful heart, passion for people, policies to protect the purpose and power?

Move mountains. Literally and figuratively.

That’s what this week’s guest, Jotaka Eaddy does. As the founder of the popular campaign #winwithblackwomen and host of OWN’s series Speak Sis!, Jotaka has taken her humble small town beginnings and given the world proof of what lies in the hearts of local girls who dream big. Jotaka, affirmatively known as the “Olivia Pope of Silicon Valley” has curated great change as a leader in the tech world, a policymaker in Washington, and advisor to many organizations and an advocate for underrepresented populations.

Listen and learn:

  1. How Jotaka took the heritage and rooting of her community to create a compelling why for her mission
  2. How the work you/we/I do brings light and visibility to underrepresented populations
  3. How Jotaka is impacting change through #winwithblackwomen and her work as a host on Speak Sis!
  4. Why we as women need more luminaries across industries and varying platforms

To learn more about Jotaka, follow her on Instagram at @jotakaeaddy or visit her website:

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